Seductive edge with Luna Sauvage

Playboy: Italian International model Luna Sauvage sets out to seduce us in this video from Michele Lombardo. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and very, very curvy, Luna turns heads in a cropped cotton T-shirt and panties -- and if you think that she looks good in clothes, just wait until you see her in the nude. Running her hands over her hips and stomach, she pulls up her top, showing off her breasts and lacy bra. Spreading out on the couch, she slips out of her panties, dropping them playfully onto the floor -- and with a cheeky little smile, she turns over to give you a good, long look at her other pair of cheeks. "My favorite parts of my body are my feet and hands," says Luna. "And my lips." If you'll escuse us, we're busy imagining a good-night kiss from the sensuous Miss Sauvage.

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