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Η Danielle Trixie είναι φωτομοντέλο (από οκτώ ετών) και ηθοποιός ταινιών για "ενήλικες". Όπως γράφει η ίδια:

«Danielle Trixie has been modeling for over 8 years. I have seen amazing parts of the world and been in most of the major mens magazine (Playboy, Cover of Hustler, Cover of Penthouse, Cover of Easy Rider Magazine, 2 Covers of Strip Las Vegas, Gallery, Model Maze Magazine, Leg show, Juggs) to name the major ones. 

I have also done major movies (Harold and Kumar 2, I hope they serve beer in hell). I went over to Europe’s modeling market in July 2010 it would was an amazing experience. If you want me to travel to you city/country please send over details! I have worked with many amazing photographers and hope to work with many more over the years to come!»

Δείτε το βίντεο με τα πλάνα από την φωτογράφιση που έκανε για το περιοδικό Striplv... Sexy blonde Danielle Trixie shot during her shoot with Santodonato for Striplv Magazine.

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